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Lima Ohio Calendar of Events |  Lima Ohio Events

In Lima, Ohio, there’s always something happening. Whether you’re looking to see a show, watch some live music, attend a sporting event, explore the outdoors, or participate in some recreational activities, you’ll find there are plenty of options.  To see the full Lima, Ohio calendar of events, click the community calendar below.


Having an Event in Lima, Ohio? 

If you’re holding an event in Lima, and you don’t currently see it on the calendar of events, please let us know! The last thing we’d want is for residents and visitors to miss out on a great event happening in the area. 

All you need to do is click the button above and use the form to submit your event. Our team will review it and ensure it meets the necessary requirements. If there are any questions, we’ll make sure to follow up with you for further information. 

We’re excited to partner with you in making your Lima, Ohio event the best it can be. 

Lima Loves Visitors 

Planning a visit to the area? We’d love to share our city with you. We strive to make sure Lima, Ohio is inclusive to everyone. This doesn’t just apply to our calendar of events but our community as a whole. 

Lima, Ohio has plenty of things to do and see. Even if you can’t find an event on the days that you’re here, we’re confident you’ll find something to enjoy in our city.  With 200 dining options, over 70 unique shops, and countless other locales, we have a little something for everyone. 

While our Lima, Ohio calendar of events is a great place to start, we encourage you to explore beyond that. Click here to browse our other attractions and activities.  

Need help putting together a more structured visit? We would love to put together a full itinerary that covers dining spots, lodging, events, and more. Click here for more information

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