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Visitors and locals alike are noticing that Allen County’s most charming features are its neighborhoods, townships, villages and small communities.

Historic neighborhoods retain much of their classic charisma and many of the area’s ‘burgs are well worth the visit. Some include:

Bluffton is home to higher education, superior schools, the Bluffton general aviation airport, regional, national, and international companies, business incubators, restaurants, industry, and more. It hosts a variety of annual events including the Blaze of Lights, Freedom Fest, Festival of Wheels, Arts & Crafts Festival, and Trout Derby, among others.

Delphos is burgeoning with new local business and is known for several long time local favorites. With museums, murals and easy walking downtown and along the historic Miami and Erie Canal, Delphos also plays host to some awesome annual events including the Delphos Canal Days Festival. 

Fantastic attractions, great dining and more can be found in Spencerville, Harrod and our other diverse communities. We encourage you to check all of them out so you can see why we’re so proud!

To discover the unique gems of Allen County, plan to spend a day or a few days soaking in the style of our people, places and heritage.

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