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Having fun is serious business at UltraSound Special Events. They are a special event service company. UltraSound Special Events Inc. can provide Total Event Service (TES) or a shared responsibility program (SRP) that will allow the Company to apply event solutions designed to work within smaller budgets.

Visit the link to find "Cutting Edge" entertainment concepts provided by UltraSound Special Events Inc. This is a fast growing area of their business and it's guaranteed to provide maximum fun and excitement to both participants and spectators alike. New events are consistently being added annually to update their inventory and satisfy the demand of their new and existing clients.


A challenging team building event using team work to advance and coordinate with your team. A game plan carried out by all attendees with equal contributions from all team members. This is truly the ultimate meaning to the saying “You are only as good as the people around you.” Besides, it’s just more fun than you’ve had in a long time with your colleagues.


Team building or as Director Michelle likes to call it, “Trust building” with horses. Your attendees will be intrigued by the horses and the horses will be intrigued with your attendees. There are plenty of innovative activities to encourage attendee growth and collaboration. Interacting with the horses is an incredible and uplifting experience. Meeting and conference attendees who have participated in the Fasset Farms trust building exercises agree that visiting the farm is one of the best experiences they have shared with co-workers. 




Dining for Groups of 50+

Private Dining

Dining for Groups of 50+

Private Dining

Dining for Groups of 50+