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Best Ways to End the Summer in Ohio

For many Ohioans, the State Fair is seen as the beginning of the end of summer. The nearly two-week event covers the transition from July to August, reminding everyone that school is just around the corner. With the Ohio State Fair officially cancelled for 2020, Ohioans are asking themselves…

“How do I end summer now?”

Thankfully, our beautiful state has plenty of ways you can end the summer in style. If you’re looking to cap off your summertime before normal life resumes (whatever normal life even is anymore), here are a few tips for you.

Get Outside

Living in a state that experiences the wonders of winter, most Ohioans want to maximize their outdoor time while they can. Why not make a true outdoor excursion while it’s still warm enough to do so? Whether it’s camping, hiking trails, biking, golfing, or something else, now is the time to soak up some sun and warmth.

Go on a Restaurant Tour

For many people, the best part of the State Fair is the food. The good news is, there are still plenty of places to get food, especially now that restaurants have reopened their doors. To switch things up, why not try and plan a restaurant tour of sorts?

One possible idea is to plan different courses at different locals. Maybe grab a drink and an app at one place. Then a main course at the next. Follow that up with desert at another restaurant. And finally, finish things off with a night cap at a final locale. We don’t mean to speak heretically here, but you’ll probably end up having better food for a cheaper price.

Have a Night (or Two) Out

Even if you’re not in school and you don’t have kids, there’s something about the school year that locks everyone into a busy routine where free time can be sparse. Before the summer ends, why not get away for a weekend and stay up a little later. Find a place that actually has some live music. Maybe some karaoke if you’re feeling up to it.

Most importantly, just have some fun.

Find a Place That Has It All

Is all of this sounding pretty great to you? Why not plan a day trip or weekend visit to a place that has it all? In Lima, Ohio, there is plenty of fun to be had, regardless of current COVID-19 measures. Whether you’re looking for some peaceful campgrounds, beautiful hiking areas, quality restaurants, or an active nightlife, Lima, Ohio has it all and more.

Not sure where to start? We’re happy to help plan a visit. Just click here. Otherwise, browse our website to learn more about what Lima has to offer. We’re confident that Lima is a place in Ohio you’ll want to visit.

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