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Celebrating Fall in Ohio

Summer is great, but for many on the north half of the US, fall is the favorite season. There is just something about the colors, smells, and cool, crisp air that feels almost magical. The downside is, you never really know how long fall is last. That’s why it’s important that you get out and enjoy it as much of it as soon as you can.

If you’re looking to make the most out of fall in Ohio, we have a few simple tips for you.

Embrace the Beverages

There are a few classic drinks associated with fall. Between the different flavors, there is sure to be something for you to enjoy. The most prominent fall flavor in recent years is pumpkin. Whether you’re enjoying a pumpkin-spiced latte or a pumpkin-flavored beer, pumpkin beverages are like fall in a cup.

If pumpkin isn’t your thing, hot apple cider is a timeless classic. Few things feel as right as a hot cup of apple cider on a cool fall evening. Just make sure you don’t burn your tongue.

Finally, for those on the other side of 21, there are plenty of options available for Oktoberfest beers. Why not try a few to see which is your favorite?

Get Outside

When the winter comes, going outside becomes something you occasionally have to do. While it’s still fall, it’s something you should want to do. The leaves are already changing, and they’re only going to get more colorful. Now is the perfect time to hit up some trails at a national park. There are also apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and more.

A few months from now, you’ll be wishing you could comfortably go outside. Don’t waste the opportunities you currently have. Put on a jacket or grab a sweatshirt and get outside.

Take a Pre-Holiday Getaway

Once we cross into November, the holiday season will be full force. Before you know it, it will be the New Year. If you’re looking to getaway for a bit, this is the time to do it. The question is, where do you go?

Why not Lima, Ohio?

Lima features everything there is to love about fall. You’ll find beautiful parks, plenty of trails, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and more. When you’re done exploring, there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops offering fall-inspired beverages and desserts!

Come see why we’re the perfect place for a magical fall getaway. Need help planning your trip? We can help with all of your Ohio event planning needs. Give us a call at (419) 222-6075 or email us at

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