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Embrace the Chill: Your Ultimate Winter Guide to Lima and Allen County, Ohio

Winter may bring chilly temperatures, but that doesn't mean the fun has to freeze too! Discover a plethora of exciting indoor and outdoor activities that Lima and Allen County, Ohio, have to offer during the winter season.

Thrills Indoors

Six people posing for a photo with winners sign at Exit 4 Escape Rooms

Escape the winter chill and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Exit 4 Escape Rooms in Lima, Ohio! Step into a realm of excitement and intrigue as you and your friends embark on a captivating adventure, choosing from a selection of four unique escape rooms. It's the perfect way to escape the cold and heat up the fun! Engage your minds, collaborate with your friends, and unlock the mysteries within our carefully crafted escape rooms. Are you ready for the challenge? The warmth of excitement awaits at Exit 4 Escape Rooms.

small boy jumping in the air at Skyzone Lima

Experience a world of exhilarating activities at the newly opened Sky Zone in Lima, Ohio! Sky Zone is the ultimate destination for non-stop fun, whether you're into heart-pounding dodgeball matches or unleashing your creativity with freestyle jumping in the trampoline park. Jump into the excitement, defy gravity, and enjoy a thrilling day of bouncing and laughter at Lima's newest hotspot.

2 people playing a virtual reality game at Westgate Entertainment Center

Indulge in many entertainment options all conveniently housed under one roof at Westgate Entertainment Center in Lima! Immerse yourself in the excitement of bowling, test your skills on the climbing wall, engage in friendly competition with bumper cars, and experience the thrill of axe throwing. Naturally, all these enjoyable activities are bound to build up an appetite! Fear not, as Westgate is also home to the CharGrill Restaurant, where you can savor delectable pizzas, burgers, and appetizers.

little girl swinging on an attraction at The Hero Day in Lima

Experience boundless fun for all ages at Hero Day in Lima! Dive into a world of excitement within the expansive 20,000-square-foot indoor playground, offering a unique adventure suitable for all skill levels. Challenge your family and friends to unleash their inner bouncing ninja as you compete on our advanced inflatable obstacle courses. For those who prefer a more laid-back pace, explore Glow Golf located just across the hall from Hero Day. This illuminated adventure features 12 holes, adding an extra dimension of indoor entertainment!

child playing on the golf simulator at four seasons tees

Four Season Tees Seeking more than just miniature golf but hoping to avoid the chill? Head over to the golf simulators at Four Seasons Tees! With a selection of over 500 courses, you can stay in top form until the warmer seasons roll in. Feel free to walk in or secure your spot by making a reservation.

That's not all! See our full list of recreation options in Lima and throughout Allen County, Ohio!

Cultural Delights

aerial view of the crouse performance hall at the lima civic center

From the grandeur of Broadway to the laughter-inducing comedy, the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center is your destination for unforgettable live performances.  This is your ticket to a world of captivating shows that promise to leave you entertained and enchanted.

staff of Old City Prime in Lima, Ohio

Elevate your evening after a delectable dinner at Old City Prime by enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the Upper Lounge. This exclusive space hosts live entertainment every weekend, offering a dynamic range of performances including jazz, blues, live comedy, rock, theater, and more.

actors and actresses on stage performing the Wizard of Oz at Encore Theatre

Discover the charm of Encore Theatre, a community favorite that welcomes both locals and visitors alike! Take in the magic of locally produced and performed shows, showcasing the vibrant talents within our community. As a non-professional theatre, Encore Theatre brings a unique and authentic touch to each performance, creating an intimate connection between the audience and the talented individuals who bring these productions to life.

See our full list of cultural experiences in Lima and Allen County, Ohio!

Get Creative

three women painting doormats at board and brush

Indulge your creative spirit with a DIY wood sign & wood project workshop at Board & Brush Creative Studio in Bluffton, Ohio! If you're craving a night out with friends or your inner DIY enthusiast is eager for a new project without the hassle of buying supplies and creating a mess at home, then look no further. Book a workshop with us for the ultimate paint-and-sip experience.

clay class at artspace/lima

ArtSpace/Lima isn't just a venue for exploring diverse art exhibits; it's also a creative hub where you can engage in hands-on experiences. Elevate your artistic skills by participating in our classes, which include the intricate craft of stained glass and the tactile joy of working with clay.

Not enough creativity? We have more! Check out our listing of arts and theatres here.

Unveiling History and Knowledge

car on display at the allen county museum

Step into the rich tapestry of Allen County's history, a narrative woven with iconic places and events like the Solar Refinery, Lima Locomotive Works, John Dillinger's jailbreak, and the Great Black Swamp. Beyond these landmarks, the Allen County Museum and Historical Society holds a treasure trove of collections reflecting the essence of everyday people, events, and artifacts that collectively shape our area's identity.

tour guide educating group at the delphos museum

Embark on a journey through the evolving history and heritage of the Delphos, Ohio area at the Delphos Canal Commission. Come out of the cold and take in this captivating experience as you explore the displays, exhibits, and presentations that narrate the vibrant tale of this unique community. Discover the layers of history that have shaped Delphos, offering a glimpse into its past through engaging and informative showcases.

society dress on display at the spencerville historical museum

Immerse yourself in the charm of this quaint, one-street-light small town at the Spencerville Historical Museum. Discover the rich history woven into the fabric of the community, from its involvement in the Miami Erie Canal to its robust military heritage. Uncover the fascinating mission and success stories of the Spencerville Dumpbusters, gaining insights into the town's commitment to environmental initiatives.

Explore the fascinating world of railway history or indulge in the charm of old Victorian-style homes. Discover more about these captivating experiences in our complete listing. Start your journey now!

Nature's Wonderland

two boys playing in the snow at Kendrick Woods

Explore the vast expanse of nature at the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Parks, spanning over 1,550 acres across multiple scenic locations. Embrace the winter wonderland with exciting activities such as invigorating winter hikes and jogs. Engage in the season's beauty with fun nature activities and educational sessions designed for both children and adults. The Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Parks is a winter haven, offering a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and educational experiences for all to enjoy during the colder months.

snowscape at Schoonover Park in Lima

Discover the expansive beauty of The City of Lima's Park System, covering nearly 400 acres and boasting a diverse array of parks and recreational spaces. Capture the enchanting winter landscapes through the lens of a camera or simply revel in the serene scenery. Additionally, experience the thrill of sledding down the fantastic hills that some of these parks offer.

Discover a comprehensive listing of all the parks in our area gathered in one convenient place. Explore the possibilities now!

The winter fun doesn't end here! Keep an eye on our Community Calendar as more events are added regularly. Lima and Allen County, Ohio, are alive with diverse experiences that promise to make your winter memorable and joyful. Embrace the season, explore, and create lasting memories with friends and family.


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