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Supporting Small Businesses While Enjoying Vacation

With warmer months around the corner and COVID-19 vaccinations continuing to grow, many are looking to take a post-COVID vacation soon. After everything that happened in 2020, there’s no question that we could all use one. The question is, where do you go and what do you do?

Though the worst of the pandemic definitely seems to be behind us, the situation isn’t over yet. If you plan to travel, there are certain precautions you should follow. This includes trying to avoid more crowded locations if possible.

One simple way to do this is to skip out on big resorts and vacation hotspots, instead sticking to smaller communities and more scenic locales. Not only can this keep you and your companions safer, but it helps promote small businesses.

Small businesses and local establishments have suffered some of the biggest setbacks during the pandemic. Though loans, grants, and relief packages have been made available, many businesses were unable to secure these. Even those who did found that they didn’t make up for the loss in business.

By September, 85% of businesses had exhausted their Paycheck Protection Program loans. This has resulted in layoffs and cut wages. Restaurants have been hit especially hard, as they typically have thin profit margins and little money set aside in the first place. It’s estimated that 17% of restaurants have had to close down completely over the past year.

Local and small businesses are critical to our economy. Though we often think of big brands as the primary employers in our country, small businesses are actually responsible for 65% of new jobs over the past 17 years. Taking a vacation to a local community is a great way to support these small businesses while still having fun and finding time to relax.

The question is, where should you go? Why not Lima, Ohio?

Planning a Vacation to Lima, Ohio

Lima, Ohio has something for everyone. Whether you’d like to explore the outdoors, hike some trails, dine at some fantastic restaurants, or enjoy the night scene, Lima, Ohio has it all and more. In Lima, you’ll find over 200 dining options, 70 unique shops, over 1400 acres of parks and trails, and much more!

If you’re looking for places to visit in Ohio that have great local businesses, look no further than Lima, Ohio. To make the most of your trip, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We can answer questions, create an itinerary, and help you have the exact type of vacation you need.

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